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Math 260

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Math 260 - Integrative Seminar (Spring 2008)


Course Syllabus PDF


It seems that some people are editing using the "point and click editor" and others using the

"classic mode." Either is fine, however, it also appears that switching between them can mess

up the formating of this document. After you save your edits, please check to see if you have

changed the formatting in any way, and clean up as necessary.


In an attempt to keep these pages cleaner and more organized, I've started separate pages

for the questions from each week. The links are below.


2/22/08 - Excellent in-class discussion this week! Keep up the good work. (JAP)


2/29/08 - Good job again today guys! And, very good work on the wiki over the last week. (JAP)


3/5/08 - Note, small change with the Cipra article. For now, we'll stick with only reading section one.

I've posted a reading for next week that gives an even more elementary introduction to the Ising model. (JAP)


3/14/08 - Feels like we are rolling...good work! (JAP)


3/24/08 - Sorry for the delay in updating, holiday and such... (JAP)


4/8/08 - Didn't get much done during spring break... doing a little updating today. No questions

for this week, just things to think and talk about. (JAP)


4/14/08 - Ok, back to work! (JAP)



Clearinghouse for Lipid Problem


Readings for the Course


  1. Week One - Collins and Keller: "Tuning lipid mixtures to induce or suppress domain formation across leaflets of unsupported asymmetric bilayers," PNAS, v. 105, 1, pp. 124-128.
  2. Week Two - Cipra: "An Introduction to the Ising Model," American Mathematical Monthly, v. 94,10, pp. 937-959.
  3. Week Four - Hayes: "The World in a Spin," American Scientist, v. 88, 5, pp. 384-388.
  4. Week Five - Yethiraj and Weisshaar: "Why are lipid rafts not observed in vivo?" Biophysical Journal, v. 93, pp. 3113-3119, 2007.


Supplemental Readings


Here I will list supplementary material that may be of use to you as we read various articles

throughout the semester. Feel free to add your own material here.


  1. Essential Cell Biology, Alberts et. al., Chapter 11. This has a great description of cell membranes.
  2. Intermolecular and Surface Forces, Israelachvili, Chapter 17. A higher level introduction to membranes.
  3. Brush: "History of the Lenz-Ising Model," Reviews of Modern Physics, v. 39, #4, pp. 883-893.
  4. Below is a video showing phase separation of lipids in a giant lipid vessicle






Point Totals for the Class


Code developed by the class 


Link to Week One Questions

Link to Week Two Questions

Link to Week Three Questions

Link to Week Four Questions

Link to Week Five Questions

Link to Week Six Questions

Link to Week Seven Questions

Link to Week Eight Questions


 Power Point Slides


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